LP released: Nov 03, 2017

1. The Joy Of D.H. Lawrence
2. Dusk Settles In
3. The Breaking Of Waves
4. The Nylon Waltz
5. What Drove Her Shivering Into The Cold, Cold Sea
6. The State The Sea Left Me In
7. Thru Thick Night
8. With It's Dark Tail Curled 'round The Garage, Part 1
9. The Sea Waltz
10. The Lingering Procession (Also Known As The Slow Walk Towards Death)
Cat No: PI198
Barcode: 5055869559317
Packaging: LP Regular

Posh Isolation re release Erik Enocksson's soundtrack Farvõl Falkenberg, originally released on Kning Disk in 2007, giving it it's first widespread LP release. Farvõl Falkenberg is a soundtrack to the movie of the same name. 2017 marks it's ten year existence. This re release is a remastered version with new artwork. When Farvõl Falkenberg was originally released, the record label responsible, Kning Disk, wrote: "... having not only created a lush record full of thick, back country piano and raw, acoustic guitar waltzes, Enocksson has more importantly produced an album that effortlessly translates the feeling of isolation (both geographically and emotionally) in an intensely personal way you don't often come across." With such a statement it seems only natural that now ten years later it should find a new home via Posh Isolation. Posh Isolation co-founder Loke Rahbek on the release: "It is hard to overstate the importance Erik Enocksson's work in relation to the discography of Posh Isolation. Years before we met, his release Apan (2011) completely changed how I thought of music. Something similar happened when I later heard Farvõl Falkenberg for the first time. I was in a car going from Prague to Berlin sitting on the backseat, the person next to me had tears down her cheeks in the middle of the first song, by the end of the record the whole car was silent and remained so for the rest of the drive. It is rare to witness music with such effect and it is not often that a record could have that effect still, ten years after it's initial release. I think Farvõl Falkenberg can."