LP released: Sep 22, 2023

1. Blast Off!!!
2. Orbit
3. Return To The Cosmos
4. Turbulence
5. Ray Gun 03:37
6. Pillars Of Creation
7. Zoltandia 03:19
8. Interplanetary Lover Feat. Kendra Morris 02:31
9. Double Eclipse
10. The Conflict Pt. 1
11. The Conflict Pt. 2
12. Journey Back To Earth
Cat No: EHS111LP
Barcode: 674862661107
Packaging: LP (100g)

Eraserhood Sound's mysterious, intergalactic house band Fantasy 15 are finally ready to unleash their debut LP, Zoltandia. After years of rising anticipation which saw the group release a handful of now-sold out, highly sought-after 45s, Fantasy 15 have delivered a modern synth-funk opus. The album, named after the group's remote home planet, is a dazzling display, and features an audacious blend of soul, funk, disco, boogie, house, hip hop, New Wave, and much more. Zoltandia is a true sonic journey, a concept album that tells the fantastical tale of the beloved freedom fighters Fantasy 15. The group, whose true identity has always been a mystery, push the limits of their musical experimentation further than ever. Leading single "Interplanetary Lover" features the show-stopping Kendra Morris on lead vocals, and serves as the group's first proper love song. Elsewhere, the title track "Zoltandia" features chanting group vocals and a disco-boogie groove that nods to legends like William Onyeabor and Kiki Gyan. As always, the group's material was recorded and produced at Eraserhood Sound's in-house analog recording studio in Philadelphia. Words can only do so much, however, to fully describe the scale and beauty of Fantasy 15's story. Pick up a copy of their debut LP today, and prepare to enjoy the journey of a lifetime.