LP released: Apr 26, 2024

Side A
1. Matrimonio Di Ruggiero
2. Paradiso
3. Lockdown Blues
4. You And Only You
5. Altiplano
6. Abril's Theme
7. Valdivia
Side B
1. For The Time Being
2. Upside Down
3. Marco's Theme
4. Bologna
5. Mornings And Afternoons
6. The Attraction

Erlend ye & La Comitiva "La Comitiva": In a small town like Siracusa,
Italy, socialising is mostly done in people's homes and consists of: buy
ingredients for a meal, make the meal and talk, eat the meal and talk, get
the instruments and sit around the table and play and sing for hours. Erlend
plays a ukulele, Marco plays nylon string guitar, Luigi plays cavaquinho, a
Brazilian samba instrument, and Stefano plays "bass" on the same steel
string guitars that Erlend uses with Kings of Convenience. The band
became professionalised during a 2018 tour through Chile, Argentina,
Colombia and Mexico. During that tour, many of the band's original songs
came to be, such as Altiplano, the arrangement of which took place in a
dusty border crossing station between Chile and Per .
After many involuntary breaks (Covid, Kings of Convenience album
release, Marco Castello album release), the full length LP "La Comitiva" will
finally see the light of day in spring 2024. In 2016 Erlend became aware of
the free spirited classical ensemble Stargaze during the collaborative
festival "People" in Berlin and he started to involve some of the members in
studio recording sessions and live concerts with La Comitiva.