LP released: May 19, 2023

1. Sensitive Bones
2. Act Of Watching
3. Network Of Letters
4. If Archimedes

US poet Ellen Zweig combines experimental spoken word with ambient, fourth world minimalism for the first ever release of key 70s
and 80s works Fiction of the Physical.
In the 1970s, Ellen Zweig was a young poet experimenting with poetry as performance. Her presence in New York's Downtown
scene, even during a period of such creative and artistic fertility, represented an astute and profoundly expressive voice. By 1980,
and her two pieces "Network of Letters" and "Sensitive Bones" (both collected here on Fiction of the Physical), Zweig had introduced
and perfected a technique she named the "human loop", directing multiple performers to repeat a single poetic phrase over and over
as they recorded to tape. Inevitably, the loops phase in and out of synchronisation over time, creating a sonic collage of drifting,
rippling syllabic waves that rise and fall with natural tides. The text becomes performance, and in turn it becomes dreamily and
hypnotically abstracted from the written word.
An astonishingly singular collection, created from a unique creative vision, Fiction of the Physical offers few reference points. Zweig
intentionally disrupts of fourth wall convention and applies of spoken word as a musical device, a pioneering early female voice in
underground avant garde scenes. Even her veil of "ambient music" is made porous enough to allow challenging and atonal sonics into
the tapestry