LP released: Sep 15, 2023

1. Coming Of Age
2. Who's Laughing Now
3. Hasta La Vista Baby
4. TKO
5. Worse For Wear
6. I'm Fine (No Really)
7. Mall Rat
8. Little Bit Lonely
9. Losers Club
10. Trauma Queen
11. Suburban Legend
12. Encore
Cat No: 59623LP
Barcode: 691835759623
Packaging: LP (100g)

Formed in 2020 in the depths of the pandemic, quarantined siblings Austin and Taryn Durry
joined forces to make music together for the very first time. In 2021, their careers were
launched when a snippet of one of their demos went viral on Tik Tok- eventually racking up
millions of streams in its finished version and endearing the duo to a legion of dedicated fans
known as the Losers Club.
'Who’s Laughing Now went viral before it was even finished being written," recalls Austin.
What started as a cynical outlook on life was flipped on its head overnight, as it rocketed to
popularity. The next morning I left for the studio to try and capture this once in a lifetime viral
moment. I realized the song I had written was wrong, and there was still hope left in the
world. On the drive to the studio I rewrote it, inspired by the success and excitement of the
public. This song is literally written about the success of its own demo.'
Quickly gaining notoriety on social media and beyond, Durry is poised and ready to take on
the music scene with their unique brand of nostalgic indie rock. Their debut album Suburban
Legend is an exploration into the siblings' shared experiences growing up together in the
suburbs of Minneapolis, weaving through the parallels of being a rambunctious teen longing
to escape the suburban culture desert of identical beige houses and being an adult trapped
in the mundane world of the 9-5, longing to escape the gray cubicles to pursue your
"The 'Suburban Legend' is the one that gets out, breaks the cycle, and makes something
more of their life," says Durry. "That’s exactly what we’re trying to do with this record."

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