2LP released: Jun 14, 2024

Side A
1. Un Buen Sue O Feat Carmen Cano
2. N'Goni Feat Mikkel Nords & Anders Pomsaing
3. Aire Feat Antonio Jimenez Mu Oz
Side B
1. Golden Hour Feat Jade Praize
2. Dance First Think Later Feat Paul Powell
3. Island In The Sun Feat Santino Surfers
Side C
1. Soul Free Feat Chilani, Walther & Olio
2. Harmonized Feat Mathias Heise
3. Let Me Show You
4. Faz Favor Feat Rodrigo Sha & Pere Navarro
Side D
1. Universal Language Feat Mathias Heise
2. Anta Lika Feat Reinhard Vanbergen
3. Noche De Primavera Feat Troels Hammer & Rodrigo Sha

Dj Pippi & Willie Graff present their sophomore LP Universal Language, continuing their pioneering experiments with
the Balearic sound.
This duo of Ibizan royalty began their collaboration 17 years ago, connecting through a special enthusiasm for the freedom and
diversity of Balearic music. Odd singles here and there found their way to the labels such as Compost, Leng and Archipelago but not
until 2022's Follow Your Dreams (Music For Dreams) did a longer release see light of day.
Now following up that celebrated debut, Pippi and Graff present a fresh batch of soulful, luxurious and highly original Balearica.
Twelve tracks escort us through the duo's manifold styles, modulated with subtle layers of eloquent instrumentation and effervescent
Starting with the nebulous Latin-flavoured drama of 'Un Buen Sueno' featuring vocalist Carmen Cano. On through 'N'Goni', a luscious
synth-chugger laden with the effortless artistry of guitarist Mikkel Nords .
There's the shaded machine funk of 'Golden Hour', which introduces vocalist Jade PraiZe; the impossibly infectious sun-drenched
house cut 'Soul Free'; the beatless bliss of 'Harmonized'; the downtempo exotica of 'Let Me Show You'; the Balearic bossa of 'Faz
Favor'; or the timeless easy-breezy nothing-but-good-times title track.