LP released: Jul 12, 2024

Side A
1. Moonchild Domain
2. Hunnerkongen
3. Chaos Without Prophecy
4. Raabj Rn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde
5. Metal Heart
Side B
1. Stormblast
2. Master Of Disharmony
3. In Death's Embrace
4. Mourning Palace

Dimmu Borgir, one of the most influential bands in the symphonic black
metal scene, have set another milestone in their discography with "Godless
Savage Garden". This EP, released in 1998, captivates with a brilliant
mixture of aggression and melody that impressively demonstrates the
band's versatility and musical ability.
Right from the start, the listener is greeted with a storm of powerful riffs and
majestic orchestral arrangements. The opening track "Moonchild Domain"
immediately shows the typical sound signature of Dimmu Borgir: a perfect
symbiosis of merciless heaviness and epic atmosphere. Shagrath's
relentless vocals lend the song a dark intensity, which is further enhanced
by the sonic density of the instrumentation.
A highlight of the EP is undoubtedly the cover of Bathory's "Satan My
Master". Dimmu Borgir manage to put their own stamp on the classic
without losing the original spirit of the song. This speaks to the band's deep
understanding and respect for the pioneers of the genre.
The re-recording of the song "Raabj rn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde"
from the debut album "For All Tid" is another example of the band's
development. The track sounds fresher and more dynamic, which clearly
shows the progress in production technique and the increased musical
maturity of the band members.
The instrumental track "Chaos Without Prophecy" is another gem on this
EP. It showcases the band's technical finesse and their ability to create
complex musical structures that remain accessible and captivating.
"Godless Savage Garden" also features two live tracks that capture the raw
energy and stage presence of Dimmu Borgir. Particularly impressive is
"Stormbl st", which gains an extra dimension of intensity live and shows
why Dimmu Borgir are one of the leading live bands in metal.
The production on "Godless Savage Garden" is crystal clear and powerful,
making every song an audiovisual experience. The EP serves as a perfect
transition between the albums "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" and
"Spiritual Black Dimensions" and shows the band at the peak of their
creative powers.
Overall, "Godless Savage Garden" is an impressive EP that will delight old

fans as well as captivate new listeners. Dimmu Borgir prove once again
why they are one of the greats in symphonic black metal. The combination
of technical brilliance, emotional depth and epic atmosphere makes this
work an indispensable part of any metal collection. Now available as Ltd.
Edition black green splatter gatefold !