CD released: Jul 12, 2024

1. The Boy
2. No Deal
3. I Can't Help You
4. Like Nerver Before
5. Is Anybody Listening
6. Games
7. He Said She Said
8. Maybe On A Sunday
9. Know Me
10. Where's The Love
11. United We Stand
12. Lies

Dark Mile play a sound that can definitely be described as melodic hard
rock. But there's a uniqueness in her sound that doesn't make her a
copycat. Longtime friends Tracy G (Dio), Paul Alfery (Walk The Walk) and
Randy Oviedo (Streek) stood with Mark Huff (Quiet Riot) and have been
active in the hard rock music scene for years. They felt that they could
create a powerful and distinctive sound if they could draw on this
experience. Tracy G will best be known for his years with Ronnie James
Dio. Mark Huff toured with Quiet Riot for several years. Paul Alfery released
the debut album for Walk the Walk and Randy Oviedo has been playing
both live and studio sessions since his time with Streek. Their debut album
is best described as big, loud and loud. Crisp guitars, thunderous basses
and vocals that demand your attention. Catchy songs with a high degree of
musicality. The future looks bright for Dark Mile.