CD released: May 03, 2024

1. No Rest No End (Feat. Spiro Dussias)
2. Hex Unending (Feat Dan Sugarman And Ice Nine Kills)
3. Ascension (Feat. Dean Lamb And Archspire)
4. With Ill Desire
5. The Silent Foray (Feat. Per Nilsson & Scar Symmetry)
6. Unwelcome Return (Feat. Spiro Dussias)
7. Purified By Vengeance (Feat. Mark Holcomb And Mick Gordon)
8. Deserving Of The Grave (Feat. Jeff Loomis)
9. Into Forgotten Dirt
Cat No: 160772
Barcode: 39841607727
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

Lauded experimental death metal band Dååth has emerged from its 13-year hiatus with a
new album, The Deceivers, at once a devastating reminder and giant leap forward that
showcases the technical wizardry and brutal intensity that the Atlanta, Georgia-bred band is
capable of.
After 12 years on hiatus, Dååth found their ideal new home at Metal Blade, signing to the
label and wasting no time creating new music, cover songs (Death’s 'The Philosopher' and
Morbid Angel’s 'Where the Slime Live') and reissuing previous albums. The first new song
from the revitalized Dååth, 'No Rest No End' (released ahead of the album in February, 2023),
features guest solos by Spiro Dussias and now-Daath member Trujillo, who impressed Levi
so much while guesting on the track that he was invited to join the band. Metal Injection
called the song 'massive,' with Sean Z. saying, 'The first time I heard 'No Rest No End' in
demo form, I was blown away! I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do vocally. The
words practically flew off the page. During every step of the creation process, the song was
an obvious masterpiece.'
The band began their journey in 1999 and stayed busy for just over a decade before its 2011
hiatus. In that time, Dååth released four studio albums—2004’s Futility, The Hinderers in
2007, The Concealers in 2009, and their self-titled LP in 2010. Tours with Cattle Decapitation,
Dark Funeral, Cynic, Nile, Slayer, Dragonforce, Goatwhore, Chimaira, Dying Fetus, and
Devildriver followed. Dååth also landed a coveted spot on Ozzfest playing before tens of
thousands of fans in outdoor amphitheaters across the US, in addition to the infamous and
long-running metal tour Summer Slaughter.
Levi believes this is the most focused and deadly version of Dååth to date, and is excited
about what’s in store. 'The chemistry is great, because we can talk about stuff that would
normally be uncomfortable for a lot of musicians to do without causing problems,' he says.
He’s lived a lot of life since the band went away over a decade ago and admits that his
mindset is very different now than it was during the original run. 'We're taking this to its full
potential, letting nothing and nobody stand in our way,' Levi concludes. 'If you're not going
all out, what's the point?"