LP released: Apr 05, 2024

Side A - John Williams
1. Harry Potter - The Wizarding Suite
2. Munich - A Prayer For Peace
3. Star Wars - The Force Suite
Side B - Hans Zimmer
1. Gladiator - The Battle / Honor Him
2. Madagascar - Once Upon A Time In Africa / Best Friends
3. Sherlock Holmes - Discombobulate
4. Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Pirate Suite

From Star Wars, Harry Potter, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Munich, Madagascar, Sherlock Holmes, come and
rediscover these cinema masterpieces like you've never heard them before.
Bringing together the 15 musicians of the vibrant Curieux Orchester, this unique experience offers an immersion that is both intimate
and dynamic through the major works of these two genius composers: John Williams and Hans Zimmer.