2LP released: Jun 24, 2022

Side A
1. Memorista (Intro)
2. Hyphaedelity
3. Astro Cumbia
4. Emanations
Side B
1. S18
2. 1zhuayo Express
Side C
1. Calavera
2. Dronning
3. Transferenz (Strom Stadt Mix)
Side D
1. Cables
2. Serpent Acid

The new Cristian Vogel album "1Zhuayo" sounds as if non-musicology & ultra-blackness is not an end or a destination to be arrived at, but as if it is the point of departure, much like tomorrow relates to the day after tomorrow.
As if we have left the space of certainties and are moving instead into one of manifold possibilities. They are anticipated in the micro-structures of sound, which is the process of playing with and against the software.
Beyond genre delimitation and fragmentation, it is non-music in the post, without itself immediately becoming a cliche, like deconstructed club music or hyperpop.
Without being superficially conceptual, the musical material alone succeeds in creating a different, coherent, sonically possible world.

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