LP released: Jun 23, 2023

Cat No: WIA113LP
Barcode: 5057805968023
Packaging: LP

Bound to Be is Power POP veering from muscular rock songs to languid pop confessionals, from stunning atmospherics to raw intimacy. Corvair is a husband/wife duo from Portland, Oregon. Threading together 70’s pop, 80’s synth rock and 90’s indie rock, with influences from Berlin-era Bowie to Blondie, Lee and Nancy to the Breeders, Corvair’s evocative power pop is timeless and resonant. The duo’s second album, Bound to Be, veers from muscular rock songs to languid pop confessionals, from stunning atmospherics to raw intimacy, held together by sharp lyrics and potent imagery. Naubert and Larimer have previously recorded or performed on more than twenty albums. Larimer’s musical mainstay was the garage pop band Eux Autres, broadly hailed as a 'veritable cult classic' band and radio-debuted by the late John Peel. Naubert is a longtime fixture of the Northwest rock community, having played in vital bands such as Tube Top, Pop Sickle, The Service Providers, and the critically-lauded Ruston Mire, since 1995. Bound to Be is the duo’s second. It features Larimer and Naubert on vocals and instruments, along with Northwest powerhouse drummer Mike Musburger (Fastbacks, The Posies). The duo attributes their sudden explosion of compelling songwriting to the fact they have been friends who watched each other’s musical trajectories for many years, but only in the last few years decided to collaborate. After a thundering opening salvo with their self-titled debut, Bound to Be explores darker and more complex themes and traverses far-flung musical territory with mercurial mood swings. Larimer says of Bound To Be, 'The record was created among the rubble of what’s happened in the last couple of years. We took a very hard look at the world, and at ourselves. We wrote things we’d never been able to write before, were very exposed and truthful and, at times, gripped by outrage and anxiety.' Naubert adds: 'I tried hard to undo whatever I happen to know about music theory on this album. It’s really exciting to still be figuring out what we sound like, combining decades of separate songwriting experience. We keep learning how play to each other’s strengths and push each other to be more ourselves–weirder or rawer. It’s my favorite record I’ve ever been a part of.' Praise for Corvair: 'A debut this strong is no surprise coming from musicians as accomplished as [them]. Corvair use subtle influences as building blocks to create a weird and captivating pop language all their own.'

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