7in released: Jul 07, 2023

Side A
1. Let's Do It
Side B
1. All I Want Is You

This Convertion single is a mandatory staple in anyone's disco, boogie record
collection. A true timeless classic from the SAM Record label out of New York City.
Let's Do It" was a paradise garage anthem regularly played by Larry Levan and every
other disc jockey upon released in 1980. Featuring the legend that is Leroy Burgess
on lead vocals with production by Greg Carmichael. On the flip is a gorgeous track by
"All I Want Is You" (Four Flights).
Originally released as a 12" the 7-inch version was only ever released on styrene
vinyl until now.
Remastered by Phil Kinrade and presented in a 7" Discobag sleeve and now officially
released in full coordination with SAM Records.