LP released: Jun 02, 2023

Take part in the sound of Bogota's eclectic cumbia scene that permeates the ritual sonido of 'Noches de Medialuna', the latest album by Conjunto Medialuna out now on Little Beat More! Enter the labyrinth that transcends the danceable and psychedelic, guided by the Colombian accordion and ecstatic percussion of their slow-pitched beat. A tribute to the power of guacharaca, and the street parrandas where each song becomes a discovery of new archetypes of what has always been traditional but today makes part of the urban tribes of Latin America and the world. Collaborations with artists such as N. Hardem, Mismo Perro, Son Rompe Pera, MC Hydro, or the Japanese-Latin connection with percussionist Muupy elevate this musical journey to a universal level that transcends cultural boundaries. The album is available on 12-inch vinyl or digitally, don't miss it! Edition of 500 copies, sealed.