LP released: Sep 08, 2023

1. Placelessness I 18:28
2. Placelessness Ii 20:42
Cat No: SOMA052LP
Barcode: 647581407790
Packaging: LP (100g)

Following nearly 20 years of working together as a trio, and numerous cross-collaborations
in different configuration between them, Ideologic Organ presents
Placelessness, the debut full-length by Chris Abrahams, Oren Ambarchi, and Robbie Avenaim, comprising two long-form works at juncture of ambient music, minimalism, rigorous experimentalism and improvisation, and machine music.
Having carved distinct pathways across a diverse number of musical idioms for decades,
Chris Abrahams, Oren Ambarchi, and Robbie Avenaim are each, respectively, among the
most noteworthy and groundbreaking figures to have emerged from Australia's thriving
experimental music scene. Ambarchi and Avenaim first encountered Abrahams when
seeing the Necks - the project that has served as the primary vehicle for his singular
approach to the piano since its founding in 1987 - together during the late 1980s, not long
after having met in Sydney's underground music community. The pair's collaborations
date back more than 35 years, criss-crossing Ambarchi's pioneering solo and ensemble
work for guitar and Avenaim's visionary efforts for SARPS (Semi Automated Robotic
Percussion System), robotic and kinetic extensions to his drum kit.
In 2004, fate brought the three together in a trio performance at the What Is Music? Festival,
the annual touring showcase of experimental music founded and run by Ambarchi and
Avenaim between 1994-2012. For the nearly two decades since, Abrahams, Ambarchi, and
Avenaim have intermittently reformed in exclusively live contexts, in Australia and abroad,
cultivating and refining the fertile ground first tilled in that early meeting. Placelessness
is the first album to present this remarkable trio's efforts in recorded form