2LP released: Jun 04, 2021
(Item no longer available)

1. Life Wrote Itself
2. Transportation Interlude (Feat. Kiminori Chiba)
3. Taxi Ghost (Feat. Ria And Sima Itayim)
4. Porcelain Geisha (Feat. Fifi Rong)
5. Yokai (Feat. Psymun, Kanisono, Fifi Rong & Kent Loon)
6. Witch Hunter (Feat. K Raydio)
7. Kushiro (Feat. K. Raydio)
8. Camp (Feat. Kent Loon And Sima Itayim)
9. Teleportation (Feat. K. Raydio)
10. Nujabes
11. Atlantic Interlude (Feat. Manijanai)
12. Atlantis (Feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
13. Hypnagogic Interlude (Feat. Manijanai)
14. Ronin
15. Sunken Place (Feat. Max Wonders And Sima Itayim)
16. Fog (Feat. Dua Saleh)
17. Daydreams (Feat. Dua Saleh)
Cat No: LPOW002
Barcode: 859742669156
Packaging: 2LP

"A Japanese Horror Film" is a dive into the realm of
possibility. Surreal in nature, Chester Watson's opus
touches subjects like astral projection, past lives,
reincarnation, folklore and mythology. It's when a trip
to Japan to clear his mind turns into an
inter-dimensional journey of impromptu meetings
with Yokai. Its attempt to get you yourself to destroy
the things that could change you and the people
around you for the better.
For the last half-decade, Chester has mastered the
art of dusted and damaged psychedelic music, ideal
for imprecations and illicit behavior, baleful hymns
and bleak parables. He has re-imagined himself as a
cursed black Pharaoh covered in golden scarabs, an
enigma with wings, suffused with Eastern philosophy,
skateboards, and spitting raps as hot as Guatemalan
springs. A new anti-hero with venom, the
ballet-dancing beast hallucinated on ayahuasca or
just too much liquor. As Watson says himself, "the
best villain since Mad-V."
After touring the world, appearing in Adult Swim's
Singles series, and crafting more necromantic spells,
Watson's returned with A Japanese Horror Film,"
featuring guest spots from frequent collaborators,
Kent Loon of Nu Age, Psymun (producer for Young
Thug, The Weeknd), and Dua Saleh -- and mastering
by L.A. underground legend, Zeroh. Pitchfork hailed
his ability to build a "self contained world with his
magnetic monotone and intricate, evocative raps."