CD released: Dec 08, 2023

1. Feel So Good
2. What Might Be Your Name
3. Cat Squirrel
4. Sugaree Sugaree
5. Out Of The Limb
6. Heart Of Gold
7. My Baby'S Gone
8. Tell Me Mama
9. What The Blues Will Do
10. All She Wants Is Me
11. You Got Me Dizzy
12. Baby Please
13. One Minute
14. Boogie Rip

Behind the name Cat Squirrel lies a group of Iberian blues "pistolleros Iberian blues 'pistolleros', fronted by no less a
legend of the English blues Mike Vernon. Creator of the Blue Horizon label in the 60s, discoverer/producer/collaborator (take your
pick) of some major projects such as John Mayall's legendary Blues breakers album, Fleetwood Mac's very first Fleetwood Mac's very
first album, and David Bowie's first recordings.
Bowie's early recordings, our man has a CV as long as the meanders of the Thames. In short, he knows the blues, and not just a
little! And listening to the 'Blues What Am' album confirms this beyond any doubt.