CD released: Feb 09, 2024

1. Find My Way Around
2. Circular Motion
3. Gamma Rays
4. Whatstheuse
5. High Tones

Right on cue for the sun-drenched days and balmy nights, affectionately referred to by their devoted fans as 'Cassia
weather,' the three guys from Macclesfield re-emerged in 2023, signaling what can only be described as their most exhilarating
chapter yet. It's been well over a year since they unleashed their album, "Why You Lacking Energy," and once again they crafted the
perfect soundtrack for your summer. Brace yourself for cathartic, soul-stirring lyrics woven into an infectious tapestry of uplifting
beats as Cassia's irresistible energy will transport you to a realm where carefree joy knows no bounds.
As the first single off the new EP, 'High Tones' is an ode to festival season and getting drunk in the blissful chaos, then jumping in the
van and driving home with the noise still ringing in your ears. It's a funky bop of a song complete with a riotous video filmed at
London's famous Rivoli Ballroom. Cassia then returned with 'whatstheuse' and 'Find My Way Around', evoking reflection on their
journey so far and bringing more striking visuals into their world. 'Whatstheuse' saw the band return to Cornwall where they busked
in their early days, reflecting on their growth, whilst 'Find My Way Around' saw the band embody quirky characters in a music video
that can only be described as 'Wes Anderson meets Peep Show' with an optimistic track that saw their social media channels boom.
Soon after, Cassia's indie-pop contemporaries Kawala, entered for their new tune 'Circular Motion'. Cassia and Kawala's collaboration
came about after the two bands met at Barn on the Farm during the summer of 2022, and a couple pints in, the bromance started to
blossom. A writing session later, the resulting track is everything you'd come to expect from two of the UK's most feel-good bands-
rhythmic and understated with bright toplines and harmonies, working together in synergy for a track that is an instant classic.
'Circular Motion' was the fourth piece of Cassia's eclectic new puzzle and a key element of the 'Home Soon.' EP, out in February
2023. A sonic collage of their recent expeditions to new writing locations and experiences with new collaborators, the EP artwork is
based upon an everyday fridge that you would find in a busy kitchen, covered in magnets, postcards, pictures and anything fun
collected over time giving insight into the bands touring life, travels and where the EP songs were written.
Rob shares:
"Summed up, the EP is based around life cycles. I feel that l always struggle to cope with chapters drawing to a natural close because
it forces me to change what is comfortable, it is just a natural response of mine and so these songs act as an outlet for me, some
tracks reminded me of the positive outcomes that come off the back of change, whilst some songs were jotted down during a painful
switch of reality."

As they prepare for another year filled with new music, live shows and festival appearances, Cassia's party is alive and kicking once