LP released: Jan 26, 2024

1. Ext Rieur-jour 10:20
2. Le Piano Englouti (Version Original) 17:53
Cat No: ST1042
Barcode: 781484104216
Packaging: LP (100g)

After her stunning collaborations with Vincent Royer (for Mode Records), Jim O'Rourke
and Christoph Heemann (both for Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle Records) Brunhild
Ferrari returns to the scene with this new solo album. Ext rieur-jour is comprised of two
previously unreleased compositions, one being the title track the album is named after
and the other "Le Piano Englouti (version original)."
Ext rieur-jour translates to "Outside Day," and indicates an instruction for a film scene,
a piece of cin ma pour l'oreille, a movie for the ears. It was recorded at Luc Ferrari's
Atelier Post Billig in January and February 2014.
"Le Piano Englouti" ("The Sunken Piano"), another electroacoustic composition which
was realized over a period of fourteen years between 1996 and 2010, also brings forth
cinematic elements with sound sources recorded in places as diverse as a Greek island
by the noisy Agean Sea, a Pachinko place and a quiet island in Japan. It comes across
as a meditation on the loss and reappearance of memory and silence.
The graphics for the album sleeve were created by the late Wolfgang Meyer Tormin,
artist and composer and also father of Brunhild Ferrari.
The album was mastered for vinyl from the original source by Jim O'Rourke.