CD released: Mar 14, 2023

1. Set The Tone
2. Got To Go
3. Up On Your Love
4. Move And Shout
5. Cold Call
6. Running Back
7. Patience
8. The Spot
9. Talk To Me
10. Tender
11. Love And Dance
12. We Ekend Love
Cat No: CT245CD
Barcode: 817949012472
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

Jamil Rashad, a/k/a Boulevards, is the embodiment of funk. Taking queues
from pioneers such as Prince, Rick James, and Earth Wind & Fire, Boulevards
seamlessly delivers cheeky, party-themed jams that range from raw and
risqu to soulful on his debut LP Groove!
Boulevards evokes a spirit from a time that combined intricate produc- tion with a focus on rhythm and getting people back on the dance floor.
With Groove!, Boulevards does just that. On tracks like "Patience," Rashad
melds pop with vintage hip hop elements -- think Eddie Murphy meets The
Sugarhill Gang -- and it just works. "Cold Call" introduces a slow hypnotic
groove before a symphony of synths, creating a rhythmic cadence that stays
with you even after the party is over. However, to give Groove! merit solely
based on nostalgia would be a mistake. Groove! is not just a rework of a
classic sound - it is an intelligent collection, an evolution to reign in a new
era of funk - heard via the disco pulses on tracks like "Weekend Love" and
"Up On Your Love," nodding to industry giants like Pharrell and Breakbot.
Bringing back producers Roller Girl! and Taste Nasa, who helped craft his
critically received self-titled EP. Groove! delivers catchy songwriting, infec- tious bass lines, and plenty of hooks to keep you grooving until dawn, a
clear indicator that there is still room for funk in 2016 - and that room will be
occupied by Boulevards.

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