LP released: Mar 22, 2024

1. Don't Want It
2. I Only Have You (Feat. Eno Williams)
3. Fade (Feat. Shells)
4. Yabaal To London (Feat. Dur-dur Band)
5. Energy (Feat. Andreya Triana)
6. Journey (Feat. Mysie)
7. Signal Generator
8. Infra

Bondax, the established UK Dance act, makes a triumphant return with their highly anticipated album, "Journey." This
release holds special significance as it marks Bondax's first-ever venture into the world of vinyl, adding a tangible layer to their
illustrious 10-year career. With a decade of experience and a string of hit singles under their belt, Bondax brings a fresh and vibrant
energy to the electronic music scene, making "Journey" a milestone in their artistic journey.
Bondax has strategically released six singles in the lead-up to the album's launch, creating anticipation and generating buzz among
fans. Notable singles include "I Only Have You," "Don't Want It," "Fade ft. SHELLS," "Yabaal To London" with Dur Dur Band," and
"Energy" featuring the soulful Andreya Triana. These singles, and their stellar remixes from the likes of Never Dull, Athlete Whippet,
JKriv and more, have already made waves and set the stage for the album's success.
With a rich history spanning 10 years, Bondax has firmly established themselves as a prominent force in the UK Dance scene. Their
previous hits, such as 'Gold' and 'Give It All,' released under Sony Music, have amassed over 100 million streams, showcasing the
enduring appeal of their music.