LP released: Mar 08, 2024

1. Letter To Yu
2. Completely Half
3. Goodnight Mr Yi
4. Frogs
5. Doctor Says
6. Spicy Crab
7. Ma Tau Wai Road
8. Causeway Bae
9. Cantonese
10. Kowloon
11. Cosmic Rendez-vous

Following 2022' acclaimed 'Topical Dancer' album with Charlotte Adig ry, here comes 'Letter To Yu', the debut solo album by Bolis Pupul : produced by fellow Belgians Soulwax & released on DEEWEE/Because Music. Exploring many themes including loss, grief, ancestry, culture, belonging/not belonging and identity. It's no coincidence that Bolis Pupul's music sounds the way it does. Born in Belgium to a Chinese mother and Belgian father and raised in the super-cool creative city of Ghent, Bolis' music is a joyous cross-cultural assemblage. Mixing widescreen electronica with the warm-hearted and wonky naivete of Belgian New Beat, Bolis' singular sonics are at once playful, emotive, unrelenting and tender. The real key to unlocking Bolis' musical secret, however, is that conversation he has between his Eastern and Western roots. The creation of the album is built around Bolis' trip to Hong Kong earlier this year, made to reconnect with his late mother's roots.

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