CD released: Apr 26, 2024

1. Under The Radar
2. Out With A Bang
3. Echoes And Shadows
4. You Are Strange
5. Normal
6. Haunted Love
7. The City Sleeps
8. Beautiful Lies
9. Painkiller
10. Here In The Night
11. Everybody Is A Nobody
12. No Way Out

Welcome to "Radio Strange", the secret radio station that dares to
celebrate the art of being different. In a world that often insists on
conformity, "Radio Strange" appears as a hidden treasure for those who
dance to their own synthpop rhythm. Blackbook's sophomore album, Radio
Strange, is your invitation to a world where feeling like an outsider is a
sublime privilege. With a modern blend of futurepop, darkwave, synthwave
and darkpop, Blackbook creates a sound that is nothing short of
extraordinary. This isn't just an album; it's a manifesto for those who revel in
their uniqueness, a secret society of music lovers who know that being an
outsider is an honor." "Radio Strange" is a sanctuary for those who have
always felt a little out of place in the world. It is a journey through time and
sound, an invitation to join the enigmatic world of Blackbook. Join the ranks

of the mysteriously extraordinary, where we dance in the moonlight of non-