LP released: May 26, 2023

A famous anthem once begged: 'Don’t Make Me Wait.' Sometimes, though, it’s good to make ‘em wait—even just a little bit. Case in point: The production duo of Fabrizio Mammarella and Phillip Lauer, known to clubbers, DJs and music heads as Black Spuma. Three years after their last EP—and nearly a decade into their production existence—the duo have finally given us a full-length manifesto. Sure, there have been a smattering of remixes and EPs over the years on labels like Futureboogie, International Feel and Live At Robert Johnson. But on their new LP 'No No No,' the Spumas at last get to stretch out and give us their full-meal-deal. The pair birthed the tracks at Lauer’s famed Pyramide III studio, with 10 tunes finalised and selected remotely, thanks to the wonders of high-speed Internet. While the Spumas are well-known (both together and as solo acts) for their melodic, 80s-tinged club workouts, the album format has allowed the guys to push their sound into parts unknown. The album drops at the end of May on Permanent Vacation, and it distils all the things we love about the duo: The melody, the playfulness and the musicianship of two veterans in full command of their Powers. Take the tune 'Obereggen,' which expands a punchy, staccato bassline into that sweet spot where trance and italo can play next to each other. Or the cut 'Fracture,' which is built on a Detroit-like chassis but makes room for gorgeous pads, subby bass and a nimble breakbeat. For the established fans, there’ll be plenty to latch onto, including the title cut (and first single), which sounds like something Robocop may have produced if he’d taught a violence diversion program. Meanwhile, cuts like 'Dillingen' remind us of one of those lost Eurythmics B-sides that show up in the dark corners of MixesDB. The album was mixed and mastered by Lopazz, and boasts a colourful cover from Berlinbased artist Ilja Karilampi. So, 17 years after initially meeting, we finally have a full album from these Spuma Men. And in the end, it was worth the wait