2LP released: Mar 14, 2023

1. On U
2. Arthur
3. 12 Volt
4. Arthur's Return
5. K16 Del 1
6. Steintongt
7. Kappe Tre
8. K16 Del 2

Norway's cosmic house forefather Bjorn Torske collaborates with Prins Thomas, a disciple from Torske's long lineage of inspired Nordic producers, on their first full-length together, 'Square One.' In addition to being a progenitor to Prins Thomas, Torske is also an inspiration to Nordic producers Todd Terje and Lindstrom. Terje has said, '''Nedi Myra' [Torske's first album] was one of the first house albums I bought, or at least that's what I thought it was...Weird futuro-bossa and foggy disco-not-really-disco was more like it.'' TRACKLIST 1. On U 2. Arthur 3. 12 Volt 4. K16 Del 1 5. Steintongt 6. Kappe Tre 7. Arthur's Return