LP released: Sep 24, 2021

1. Helmet Waltz
2. Too Late
3. Moshpit I
4. Vivaldi
5. Marlene
6. Bullshit Song
7. Moshpit Ii
8. Prince Waltz
9. Trabende Trabanten
10. Dark Times
11. Helmet Boys
12. Clown Song
13. Pretty People
Label: PAN
Cat No: PAN116LP
Barcode: 723849813166
Packaging: LP Regular

SEX was composed during the formation of Imhof's art show of the same name,
previously exhibited at Tate Modern, London, The Art Institute of Chicago and
forthcoming at Castello di Rivoli, Italy, this September. Imhof, Douglas and Bultheel,
reworked the songs from how they appeared in the exhibition 'SEX'. The result is a
compelling record that acts as an imaginative accompaniment to the 'SEX' performances, as well as standing alone as a progressive collection of contemporary
SEX references punk, industrial and grunge, and boldly juxtaposes these forms with
music of the classical and baroque period. The album combines classical formals
and orchestration with vocals that are rooted in subcultural traditions, thus beautifully overdrawing and overwriting these forms with the composer's own. Harpsichord and oboe are combined with distorted electric guitar, or exuberant string
ensembles with heavy industrial drums.
The amalgamation of genres contained in the album was also integral to the choreography of SEX, where walzes and tangos were contrasted with stage diving, slam
dancing and moshpits. What resulted was a surreal ballroom, loaded with desire and
aggression. In the same vein, the record fearlessly shapeshifts, blends genres and
styles evoking an impressive array of moods. Oscillating between fragility and flamboyance, Imhof and Douglas' versatile voices reinvent themselves from one song to
the next, while singing songs of love and hate.