2CD released: Jan 26, 2024

Disc 1 : Journey
1. Journey
2. Radiant
3. Hate Myself
4. Part Of Me (Feat. J:Dead)
5. How Come
6. Fever
7. New Start
8. Claustrophobia (Feat. Toal)
9. It's Better This Way
10. Let's Just Live
11. Mr. Nice Guy
12. Dark Communion
13. Hate Myself (Frantic Mix)
14. New Start (Invain Mix)
15. Let's Just Live (Confidence Mix)
16. Part Of Me (Trancemission Mix)
Disc 2
1. Claustrophobia (Mental Discipline Remix)
2. Part Of Me (J:Dead Remix)
3. New Start (Schwarzschild Remix)
4. Radiant (Beyond Obsession Rework)
5. Journey (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
6. Dark Communion (Fabrikc Club Mix)
7. Let's Just Live (Dmx Remix)
8. Hate Myself (Ruined Conflict)
9. Fever (Zoodrake Remix)
10. New Start (The Saint Paul Remix)
11. Journey (Vdoc Club Chapter Mix)
Label: NOCUT
Cat No: 2260542
Barcode: 4251880907040
Packaging: 2CD Digipak

On Jan. 26, 2024, Beyond Border returns in impressive form with their second full album,
"Gathering." Beyond Border have stayed true to their electronic roots in "Gathering". In doing
so, they have cleverly experimented with new sounds and structures that break away from
the traditional Synthpop scheme. Many of the songs provide a glimpse into the singer's
deepest emotions, ranging from claustrophobia, to self-doubt, to Iggi's self-destructive
tendencies. Lyrically, these topics may not always be the easiest to digest, but the band
always tackle these via danceable and catchy anthems!
The second CD, "Come To Gather", presents the band's songs remixed by renowned artists
such as Aestatic Perfection, J:Dead, Beyond Obsession, Ruined Conflict and many more.