LP released: Apr 28, 2023

1. Littlejohn Loop
2. Better Friends
3. All Good
4. Gold!
5. Can I Just Say?
6. Poppies
7. Topton
8. Weekday/anything
9. We're Good
10. Good Stuff Can Happen
11. Ct5 Improv
12. Thread
Cat No: DCR139LP
Barcode: 673681141364
Packaging: LP (100g)

Thread, Noah Kittinger's fourth LP under the Bedroom moniker, is the album the singer/songwriter & producer has strived to release throughout his career. It's a stunning portrait of self-exploration, as Kittinger aims to find his place in life after a tumultuous period both in his personal life and artistry. "This record is the result of many years of dedication to the craft and to continuing this career, of me being pretty creatively lost for a long time and then finding my new self in music that I was searching for," says Kittinger. "It's a testament to independent artistry. [Bedroom] isn't an industry-designed project. Thread is a very organic body of work that is the result of many years of just pushing." While self-producing in an at-home studio allowed Kittinger to reach the depths of his creativity, it was during his trips back to North Carolina that Thread began to take shape. "I think that there was just something about removing myself from that frequency that's within a city, and just literally being in a house in the middle of nowhere, and just having a very limited amount of time and stuff to work on, that I think is what really brings out the important stuff," explains Kittinger. In that time in serene isolation, Kittinger realized that to break his writer's block, he had to process the emotional pain he'd experienced over the past couple of years through his writing, leading to his most intimate and compelling songwriting yet. "It was like a choice of [saying] 'This is what I'm going through right now.' This record is me very bluntly talking about what it is that I'm going through. I would say it is my most personal record," says Kittinger. Kittinger has been making music as Bedroom for the past decade. He recorded much of his music from the comfort of his bedroom as a teen, including "In My Head," a single originally released in January of 2013 (re-released in 2017) that organically became a hit online and was introduced to a wider audience when it became a viral sensation on TikTok in 2021. Though Kittinger is proud that his early work resonated so strongly with fans, he now wants to reintroduce Bedroom as a "more mature and better version" of himself as an artist. "I've grown up a lot as a person and as an artist, and I think this record reflects that. I'm proud of that," says Kittinger.

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