6CD released: Jun 30, 2023

1. I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
2. Hot Lips
3. Sarah
4. Sweet Sister Mary
5. Seven Long Years
6. The Beast
7. Whisky And Wine
8. Looking Through Love's Eyes (Busy Dreamin')
9. Putting On The Flesh
10. Set Me Free
11. The Great Game
12. Near The Edge
13. I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
14. Hot Lips
15. Sarah
16. Sweet Sister Mary
17. Seven Long Years
18. The Beast
19. Whisky And Wine
20. Lookin' Through Love's Eyes (Busy Dreamin')
21. Putting On The Flesh
22. Set Me Free
23. I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
24. Hot Lips
25. Putting On The Flesh
26. Sarah
27. Drum Solo/seven Long Years
28. Mother In Law
29. The Fool
30. The Beast
31. Set Me Free
32. Dance With The Devil (From Midnight Special)
33. I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
34. The Beast
35. The Great Game
36. Set Me Free
37. Interview
38. The Fool
39. Dave's Idiot Dance
40. The Beast
41. Ring Of Fire
42. She's Not There
43. Munich City
44. Spoonful
45. Crossroads/the Stumble
46. Never Gonna Let My Body Touch The Ground
47. Rhapsody In Blue (Abridged Version)
48. Set Me Free (Freezer On Fire)
49. 1812 Thrashed (Ideal Milk)
50. Nsu (Ideal Milk)
51. Hideaway (Ideal Milk)
52. Steppin' Out (Ideal Milk)
53. For Your Love (Demo
54. Version) (The Ace Kefford Stand)
55. Born To Be Wild (The Ace Kefford Stand)
56. Daughter Of The Sun (The Ace Kefford Stand)
57. For Your Love (Single Version) The Ace Kefford Stand
58. Gravy Booby Jamm (The Ace Kefford Stand)
59. This World's An Apple (Big
60. Bertha Featuring Ace Kefford)
61. Munich City (Big Bertha)
62. Funky Woman (Big Bertha)
63. Ring Of Fire (Big Bertha)
64. Time Of The Season (Big Bertha)
65. At The Gateway (Bedlam)
66. Candy (Rainbow Over New York) (Bedlam)
Barcode: 5013929192904
Packaging: 6CD Regular Box Set

6CD anthology of Brit hard rock pioneers Bedlam, an early Cozy Powell venture that ended when he left in 1974 for a solo career. Includes original and new mixes of their highly-regarded 1973 album for the Chrysalis label as well as live recordings and studio out-takes. Issued in the summer of 1973, the self-titled debut album by Bedlam is regarded by admirers as a cornerstone of early 70s British hard rock, described by collector guide book Galactic Ramble as "buried treasure" for metal fans. A later incarnation of West Midlands turn-of-the decade rockers Big Bertha (actually The Ace Kefford Stand minus ex-Move man Ace), Bedlam comprised brothers Dave and Denny Ball, former Jeff Beck drummer Cozy Powell and singer Frank Aiello, previously half of mid-60s mod duo The Truth. Unfortunately the band collapsed in 1974 when Powell and Aiello opted to sign with Mickie Most after Cozy scored a Top Three single with 'Dance With The Devil'. A hugely expanded 50th anniversary edition of their sole LP, 'The Bedlam Anthology' is a six- CD celebration of the band. The first four CDs feature the original album mix, a new 2023 remix prepared by Denny Ball from the original multi-tracks and a pair of thunderous live shows from late 1973 and early 1974, the latter recorded at the end of their American tour with Black Sabbath. Disc Five is a 1970 Big Bertha live set taped during a brief tour of Germany, while Disc Six comprises a stack of 1968-1970 demos and singles, tracking the Ball/Ball/Powell triumvirate from their early days as Cream-inspired trio Ideal Milk through to associations with Ace Kefford and former Tintern Abbey frontman David MacTavish.