LP released: Dec 22, 2023

Side A
1. El Picador Telepathico
2. Por Donde Pase
3. El Malaguen~o
4. La Espera
Side B
1. Hippie Picasso
2. Tren Destino A Paris
3. Tu´
4. Circulo

Over the past decade, Be.lanuit has made a name for himself in Ibiza, both as a DJ, artist and fashion designer. Across
disciplines he radiates a deep-rooted bohemian spirit harkening back to the philosophy on which the Ibiza-scene was originally
founded. This creative hearth of soulful hedonism has now borne a full-length album, one that reveals a sprawling composing talent
and complete mastery of the melodic downtempo terrain.
Be.lanuit says:
"Hippie Picasso is an album inspired by the life of a hypothetical Pablo Picasso with a hippie soul. I have a deep interest in Picasso
that sparked when a work by him caught my eye at the Louisiana in Denmark, incidentally on a trip with Kenneth Bager who runs
Music For Dreams. Since then, reading his biographies and visiting Malaga where he was born, where the Mediterranean culture,
especially through music, spreads out to the world.
The tracks revolve around Picasso's artworks and moments in his life, all from the point of view of a dream of an imagined life on the
island of Ibiza. The melodies are all reminiscent of the Mediterranean with flamenco airs, sometimes melancholic. Jazz has a subtle
presence alongside the electronics. The Spanish classical guitar as well, one of his favorite instruments."
The album features a range of artists from around the world such as the legendary multi-instrumentalist Tupac Peralta, DJ Pippi,
Mel n Jimenez, Lara Wong, The Swan and The Lake, Jonas Krag, WALTHER and OliO.