LP released: Nov 03, 2023

1. Pre Dawn
2. Tactilia
3. Play
4. V7
5. Roll
6. Lurk
7. Tunnel Visions
8. Mother Tongue
9. 2008

New York-based label Kindergarten Records presents Ayesha's debut album, Rhythm is Memory -- ten boundary-pushing tracks, a shape-shifting percussive journey with electric moments. While intended for maximum dancefloor impact, Ayesha's first LP is also conceptually thought-provoking and playful, exploring how bodies store and channel creative knowledge. This debut LP represents a significant step-up for both the artist and the imprint, as they strive harmoniously towards a shared goal: delivering a sonic experience full of colorful, otherworldly bass-fueled expansion. Rhythm is Memory captures Ayesha's signature love for driving techno and organic percussion, while at moments veering into newer electro territory while keeping it psychedelic, spacious, dubby, and always playful. This feels intuitively right for a producer at a crossroads in her career. All tracks intricately weave together pulsing drum grooves, slinky synths, nuanced melodies, and delightfully unexpected twists. No single genre can do justice to describing this project as Ayesha delicately nods to many, reveling in the spaces between.