CD released: Jun 14, 2024

1. Way Back When
2. Medusa Smile
3. Living For The Moment
4. Brand New Start
5. United
6. Curtain Falls
7. Faith
8. Time
9. Farewell To A Friend
10. Heroes
Cat No: PJM13880
Barcode: 4260432913880
Packaging: CD Jewel Case

Behind the new multinational band Atlantis Drive is the German guitarist
Markus Pfeffer (Barnabas Sky, Lazarus Dream). With the aim of celebrating
and reviving the melodic rock sound of the 80s, he embarks on a musical
journey together with vocal legend Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire, Shining Black,
ex-Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force), French keyboardist Jorris Guilbaud
(Devoid, Heart Line) and drummer Markus Kullmann (Glenn Hughes,
Sinner, Voodoo Circle). Beyond short-lived trends, Atlantis Drive stylistically
celebrates the spirit of the 80s with thick keyboards full of hooklines, groovy
guitar riffs, filigree solos, catchy choruses and bombastic vocal
arrangements. Mark Boals hasn't been heard in such a melodic context for
a long time and those who know him mainly from neoclassical bands and
projects will be very positively surprised by the incredibly catchy hooklines
and choruses that he conjures out of the hat with Atlantis Drive. In terms of
content, the lyrics, which are really worth listening to, cover a wide range of
topics, ranging from nostalgic retrospectives ("Way Back When"), belief in
oneself ("Faith"), one's own finiteness ("Time", "Curtain Falls") and betrayal

("Medusa Smile") to the missing of our musical heroes in the eight-and-a-
half-minute final epic "Heroes".