LP released: Mar 01, 2024

Side A
1. Waterside
2. Fallen Dreamer
3. Life Painted Vermilion
4. Monuments Of Deception
Side B
1. World Of Hollow
2. Where Sirens Wept
3. The Moon In Pisces
4. Sculpting The Time
Cat No: HHR202338LP
Barcode: 8715392233814
Packaging: LP (100g)

Monumental expressions inspired by the ocean’s roar! Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal!
Gothic Death/Doom Metal for the lost souls inspired by the gloominess of UK Death/Doom,
mysticism of Ancient Greek Cult and depression of 90’s Finnish Death Metal!
The core of Asphodelus’s sound is primarily Death/Doom Metal with a small hint of ancient
Greek Black Metal piping in on a few moments. There is a jagged early 90’s feeling
to the work and none of it is performed with any gloss or need for perfect takes, this
absolutely helps crack the ‘code’ of what made the earliest work from their 90’s inspirations
feel special and earnest. If you are a fan of this type of music no doubt you are already
swimming to this new utopian island to brood and droop under its majesty, it is a niche so
rarely fed with a tasteful entry.
'Sculpting from Time' is an album lovingly crafted and passionately executed. Asphodelus is
the brainchild of three Finnish gentlemen, of whom Jari Filppu bore the largest burden
in the recording process, taking on vocals, bass, and some guitar duties. 'Sculpting from
Time' is attended with a sense of unfathomable, philosophical sorrow; spaciously melodic
The lushness of the opener 'Waterside' is exquisite and constitutes a very fine opening to a
Death/Doom Metal album. The other songs are crafted in the same way, attention
to detail overpowering notions of their influences, as the early ‘90s sound is brought to life in
all its crawling, complex glory. Asphodelus achieves a high level of diversity and
ingenuity without either straying from their chosen paradigm or indulging in lengthy songs.
Only the closing 'Where Freezing Spirits Fall' ventures over seven minutes, while half
of the songs are done in five, managing to pack in the riffs and aching melodies of much
longer compositions within that time.
What will truly bring listeners back time and again to 'Sculpting from Time' is the sprawling
atmosphere of the album, created and maintained by each element fitting together into
a seamless display. With as much care as Asphodelus have put into their second album,
appreciating the end result feels instinctive.

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