CD released: Oct 13, 2023

1. Stay
2. Of Silence
3. Memoir
4. Solemn
5. Don't Go Away So Easily
6. Temporary
7. Show Me
8. Everyday
9. Afterdance
10. Home
11. Taking My Breath
12. I'll Hold You

Less is more - the motto applies to Luxembourg's most intriguing newcomer Arthur Clees, whose
approach is minimalist, rich, hypnotic. Clees is a young prodigy drummer / percussionist / vocalist with
a multitude of performances and sessions under his belt. The 21-year-old musician manages to inspire
very different people with his tracks. No Wonder: There's both depth and a tremendous upward pull at
the same time.
In his debut album, "Stay, Temporary Home" influences from techno to electronica to the avant-garde
are paired with a distinctive feeling for melodies and a signature treatment of percussion. Soul and
R&B songs often appear as sonically distant yet emotionally close mirages. In addition, slightly altered
vocals, hearty yet reductionist beats and a detuned piano reminiscent of your favourite aunt's Sunday
cookies come in - a mixture that an incredible number of people can agree on at the moment.