CD released: Apr 05, 2024

1. Hardangervidda
2. Nothing To Declare
3. Autumn Sun
4. Clouds & Clovers
5. Greetings From Gottne
6. Nenek
7. Nenek - Postlude
8. Cosmic Spring - Prelude
9. Cosmic Spring

Nothing to Declare? 'A light-hearted dive into the complex emotions of migration, taken from my
experiences in Sweden. Here I feel happy, stressed, accepted and excluded, all at the same time.
The piece also carries a poignant undertone, stemming from personal encounters with racial profiling,
a challenge faced by many migrants worldwide. I tried to creatively rebalance the power dynamic by
infusing a renowned Swedish song with a distinct twist, reflecting the journey of being a migrant
caught in the crossroads of two worlds.'?
Born into the rich tapestry of an Indo-Dutch-Creole heritage, Armand van Wijck is a globally inspired
musician who weaves his multicultural experiences into captivating melodies. His music embraces a
harmonious blend of modern jazz, impressionism and various folk influences, furthermore inspired by
Nordic jazz icons. Armand's work embodies unity through shared experiences, inspiring harmony
amidst diversity.
Originally from the Netherlands, Armand has made a mark with his chromatic harmonica
performances in his home country. When he moved to Sweden his modern jazz project evolved to
what it is today. He got influenced by the genuine playing and Nordic sound of the Swedish musicians
of his quartet, as well as by his partner, Riksspelman and violinist Magdalena Eriksson. Trying to
reconnect with his roots while away from his home culture, he also picked up the suling, a traditional
Indonesian bamboo flute.?
'Through my music I explore the delicate nature of life and the pursuit of identity. It's about finding
strength in vulnerability, cherishing the power of new and unexpected connections, and sharing the
(re)discovery of our cultural roots.' "Armand is today already an original and acclaimed artist with
personal aesthetics and with a warm and communicative way of interpreting the music he performs.
His mastery on the harmonica, his understanding of the jazz tradition and - not the least - his
musically communicative skills are remarkable." - Anders Jormin, ECM Records artist.
"(...) of which echoed the contemplative Scandinavian jazz style of Esbj rn Svensson yet remained
inventive with the group's unique harmonica-playing melodist. Armand's melodies and solos on the
chromatic harmonica were beautifully shaped with excellent musicianship." - UIC News, Zhuhai,