LP released: Mar 29, 2024

Side A
1. 1.Flying
2. Quad
3. The Skies Collapsing On To Us
4. Shades
5. Darts
6. Beautiful
7. Time On My Hands
8. Dark
9. Streets
Side B
1. Pulses
2. A World That Can Exist
3. Take It Away
4. Walking
5. Breathe In Me
6. Dreams
7. Together
8. Tower
9. Dying

British band Archive release their soundtrack to new French film Voleuses (Thieves), known as Wingwomen, in the UK.
Music from the film, by the band Archive, is a captivating fusion of electronic, avant-garde, post-rock, and progressive rock. This
London-based musical group has skillfully incorporated a plethora of musical elements to create an immersive auditory panorama.
The music mirrors the narrative of Carole and Alex, two skilled thieves fighting for freedom.
The soundtrack is available for pre-order on an exclusive 12-inch single jacket audiophile vinyl with a printed inner sleeve.