LP released: Sep 01, 2023

Front Seat
1. Ken Carter
2. Drugs
3. Sleepwalking
4. Face Down
5. Suzi Q
6. Million Dollar Man
Back Seat
1. In A Box
2. Little Death
3. Mint 400
4. Small Town
5. Burning Plant Smell
6. Z-man
7. Lucky No.3
Cat No: LAFR002B
Barcode: 0781005200533
Packaging: LP Gatefold

From the vibrant music scene of Perth, Western Australia, emerged the talented trio of Ammonia-Dave Johnstone, Allan Balmont, and Simon Hensworth. Their explosive debut album, "Mint 400," burst onto the Australian and international stage in 1995 under the Murmur (Sony) label, alongside label-mates silverchair, Jebediah, Something for Kate and more. The unforgettable singles "Drugs," "Ken Carter," and "Suzi Q" resonated with fans, and the album was released on CD, cassette, and a highly coveted limited edition vinyl format, now treasured by collectors worldwide.

Now, Love As Fiction Records proudly presents the long-awaited vinyl reissue of "Mint 400," marking its first release since its original debut. This special edition features exciting updates that breathe new life into the album:
* Remastered for vinyl
* Restored original artwork, now packaged in a new gatefold sleeve
* 180gm black vinyl
* Manufactured in Australia (Limited Edition)

"Mint 400" was an intense labour of love, recorded directly to analogue tape by the skilled hands of Kevin "Caveman" Shirley at Festival Studios in Sydney. The result is a captivating sonic journey that stands the test of time.

Reflecting on the album in 2023, Dave Johnstone (Guitar, Vocals) shares, "From humble beginnings in our hometown of Perth, we managed to record an album that took us around the world and gave us experiences we could have only dreamt of. The album was recorded and mixed in an intense 10 days whilst we were playing gigs in between sessions. We were tired but determined and hopefully delivered what would be a decent first effort. Everything was recorded completely analogue through an old Neve console directly to tape, so what you hear is warts and all with no modern studio magic applied. The remastering has given the songs a new lease of life and I hope this vinyl reissue will give collectors the perfect way to experience it."

Experience the revival of this groundbreaking album and secure your limited edition vinyl copy today...