LP released: Apr 16, 2021

Side 1
1. Asas Fechadas
2. Cais De Outrora
3. Estranha Forma De Vida
4. Maria Lisboa
5. Madrugada
6. Foi Deus
7. Barco Negro
8. Uma Casa Portuguesa
Side 2
1. Abandono
2. Aves Agoirentas
3. Povo Que Lavas No Rio
4. Vagamundo
5. Solid O (Canc O Do Mar)
6. Coimbra (April In Portugal)
7. Ai Mouraria
Label: NOT NOW
Cat No: CATLP216
Barcode: 5060397602169
Packaging: LP Regular

Fado is the popular folk music of the cities of Portugal and is an
expression of "saudade". "Saudade" is a difficult word to translate for it
means many things, sadness, longing for someone or something, the
past or even the future; nostalgia, yearning, wistfulness all of which is
expressed not only in words and music, but is the very vocal qualities of
the singer. Amalia Rodrigues and fado have come to mean the same
thing. Amalia is the goddess of fado, and although there are many fado
singers in Lisbon, Amalia reigns supreme. Even without understanding
Portuguese one can feel "saudade" when listening to her thrilling voice.