12in EP released: Jun 16, 2023

Side A
1. Burning Memories - Altar Of Oblivion
2. Through The Night - Altar Of Oblivion
Side B
1. Cosmic Chaos - Altar Of Oblivion
2. Manic Masquerade - Altar Of Oblivion
3. Radiation - Altar Of Oblivion
Cat No: 1187531
Barcode: 5700907272115
Packaging: 12in EP

Fresh after being signed to From The Vaults, epic doom metallers ALTAR OF OBLIVION
announce the release of the EP 'Burning Memories'. The five tracks were recorded in 2016
just after the completion of the band’s third full-length. Now, seven years later, the EP is
finally ready to see the light of day. On it, the band conjures up classic timeless epic doom
metal, whilst at the same time exploring untrodden ground under the gloomy auspices of
this Nordic collective.
'Epic doom is not a subgenre that many bands even attempt, let alone excel at, still less
expand upon, so this Aalborg five-piece deserve mad props for bringing new life to this
profound outsider sound. With the frosty melancholy of Candlemass, the mystical drama of
Solitude Aeturnus and the barbarian brawn of Solstice, AOO mix in new levels of emotional
vulnerability via the Robert Smith-ish vocals of Mik Mentor, and never get lost in sluggish
gloom, maintaining trad metal fundamentals with a strong, clear vocal line, a sturdy gallop
and a spine-tingling melody'