LP released: Nov 10, 2023

1. Just Us Two
2. Open Portal
3. Scuttling Through
4. Curse Or Pray
5. Alone Together
6. Twisted Snippet
7. Under Cover
8. Distraction
9. Sixty Second Window
10. Crossroads
11. Sleepless
Cat No: PICI0012LP
Barcode: 608766982464
Packaging: LP (100g)

Limited LP version with download card. After Young Marble Giants's breakup, singer Alison Statton started Weekend with Spike and Simon Booth, a project which saw chart success and the birth of a nouveau-retro style as individualistic as YMG's, one later co-opted by lesser acts. Weekend, too, split after their debut album. Despite Weekend having become Alison's second big act, Rough Trade passed on her next project with Spike. Vinyl Japan stepped in to release the duo's debut, Tidal Blues and other releases followed, but as real life, jobs, and children beckoned, both Alison and Spike stepped away from music for more than twenty years. Their return is unexpected. Bimini Twist is the work of the two alone. Apart from some vocal tracking in a local studio to best capture Alison's still wondrous voice -- everything was recorded in their homes, much of it 'live,' and these new songs show the duo's charm and diversity, featuring Alison's most personal lyrics and Spike's peculiar musical genius. - 01. Just Us Two
02. Open Portal
03. Scuttling Through
04. Curse Or Pray
05. Alone Together
06. Twisted Snippet
07. Under Cover
08. Distraction
09. Sixty Second Window
10. Crossroads
11. Sleepless