2LP released: Jun 28, 2024

Side A
1. Discord
2. Evoke
3. Transitory
4. Energize Me
Side B
1. Equally Destructive
2. Withering Time
3. De-energized
4. Cry With A Smile
Side C
1. Envision
2. Who I Am
3. Dreamflight
Side D
1. Empty Memories
2. Lonely
3. Sweet Enclosure

One of the best symphonic metal albums ever recorded, After Forever were
ahead of their time, and laid the groundwork for bands yet to come. This is
a remastered version of their self-titled, and final album now available in
cream white vinyl.
A long time ago, After Forever were a force to be reckoned with in the
symphonic metal world. In this 15th anniversary edition there's two new
songs, and especially "Sweet Closure" brings everything great about the
band to the table for one last hurrah, and that of course includes impressive
instrumentation. It's a glorious return to form, fitting perfectly in the album.
This is a perfectly remastered version of their self-titled, and final album,
sounding incredibly clear while not taking away any of the metallic punch
from the original release.