LP released: May 05, 2023

Side A
1. Memory Gold
2. Banana Leaf
3. Freedom Lapse
Side B
1. Cygon Dance
2. The Cycle
3. Two Water

Recorded over a four-week period in early 2022, Freedom Lapse is the debut solo release of Australian
multi-instrumentalist and composer Adam Halliwell (of Melbourne based psychedelic jazz fusion group
A versatile improviser and lover of performance, Halliwell has been an active contributor to numerous
musical communities in recent years. The release of Freedom Lapse marks an exciting stage in
Halliwell's journey as an artist with the culmination of several important musical facets that are now
becoming foundational to his practice.
As Halliwell tells us, Freedom Lapse owes its genesis to an epiphanic moment experienced whilst
traversing a mountainous passage in Mexico, a place where 'the past present and future stretch out in
one place'. Entranced by this environment, its colours, the villages and local life, Halliwell listened to
music that inspires him (he cites Jon Hassell here). The result: 'complete aural, visual and spiritual
completeness', a moment of discovery, he explains. Shortly after, the material that now comprises
Freedom Lapse was recorded, distilling this powerful sensorial experience into a body of music that he

has now invited the world to share with him.

Throughout these recordings restrained improvised phrases and melodic ideas feature, often appearing
as long refrains that soar above idiosyncratic beds of fractured percussion and junkyard bass-work. This
use of contrast, which is central to the work, allows Freedom Lapse to tap the lucidity-chaos
juxtapositional-style that lies at the heart of all good music in the 'fourth-world' idiom. Halliwell's
sensitivity to dynamics, form and narrative is potent on these recordings, which allow his winding, free-
improvisations the space to unfold and extend patiently. All instruments on Freedom Lapse were written
and recorded by Haliwell, with additional trumpet on Cygon Dance supplied by regular-collaborator
Reuben Lewis. Freedom Lapse was mixed and produced by Halliwell and Jim Rindfleish.