CD released: Apr 19, 2024

1. Welcome To My Ghost Kingdom
2. Coming Back To Paradise
3. Equilibrium
4. I've Lost My Dreams
5. If We Stand United
6. Alone With My Shadow
7. Prisoners Of This Life
8. In Our Hands
9. Sad Winter
10. Save Me From Myself
11. Mother Of All
12. Sunrise

A Neverending John's Dream is a melodic Hard 'n' Heavy band formed in
Barcelona in 2022. A Neverending John's Dream's debut album, "Coming
Back to Paradise", was written and produced entirely by Joan M. Heredia,
the band consists of Joan M. Heredia (drums, vocals and composer) with
David Vidal (guitar), Paul E. Schuster (bass) and Xavier Mir (keyboards).
"Coming Back to Paradise" is a melodic hard 'n' heavy album, with a feel of
the late 80s/early 90s, but with a current production. The lyrics tell stories of
experiences that focus on the human condition, music and nature. The
single "Coming Back to Paradise" is a true Hard Rock hit. The meaning of
the band name is a bit philosophical. The creation of music has no end
(neverending), and this fact is like a dream for Joan M. Heredia (John). Live
gigs are currently being planned.