LP released: Jun 07, 2019
(Item no longer available)

Side 1
1. Ptl (Feat. Zackey Force Funk)
2. Where We About To Take It (Salvation)
3. I Don't Wanna Wait
4. What She Sounds Like (Feat. I, Ced)
5. Love When It Comes Down To It (Feat. Z-man & Moniquea)
1. Gentched Up
2. I Can't Get Away (Feat. Domino)
3. Think U Slick (Feat. Kokane & Rev)
4. Trippin
5. Wintertime In Cali
Label: MO FUNK
Cat No: MOFUNK024
Barcode: 672975027018
Packaging: LP Regular

After making serious noise in the modern funk world, XL
Middleton makes a return to the g-funk/hip hop sound that
marked his earlier work with "2 Minutes Till Midnight." It's a
funked out, synth-heavy excursion with an equal amount of
appeal for modern funksters or the underground legions of
g-funk fans that put XL on the map originally. Those familiar
with his most recent albums, "Tap Water" and "Things Are
Happening," will recognize the signature synth leads and
intricate analog bass lines. Those unfamiliar with Middleton
as an MC will find that he challenges standards in the
worlds of both underground and mainstream rap,
eschewing the backpack as much as the Bentley, falling into
a space that few can. XL's lyricism is cerebral and well-read,
yet it's clear that he comes from a part of the world that
relishes khakis, Chuck Taylors & Zapp records.
"2 Minutes Till Midnight" stands firmly rooted in the funk
tradition of Los Angeles, showing reverence for the music
that inspired it by bringing g-funk legends Kokane & Domino
("Getto Jam") into the fold as guest artists and by featuring
album artwork from Joe aCool, who designed the iconic
"Doggystyle" album cover for Snoop Dogg. XL's
contemporaries, such as labelmates Zackey Force Funk,
Moniquea, & I, Ced, also join in and help to remind us that
the album is not just a self-indulgent tribute to a bygone era
of music. As modern funk grew largely out of hip hop, XL
takes that growth backward, and moves the music forward
as a result.

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