CD released: Mar 27, 2020

1. All The Time In The World - Stevie Kimble
2. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Dana Gillespie
3. Jenny Let Him Go - Antoinette
4. Take Me As I Am - Lulu
5. You - Lorraine Child
6. With You In Mind - Marianne Faithfull
7. Primrose Hill - Kathe Green
8. Mind How You Go - Barry St. John
9. Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind - Vashti
10. Me About You - Billie Davis
11. Heartache Hurry On By - Joy Marshall
12. What Am I Doing Here With You - Twinkle
13. Museum - Beverley
14. Tu N'as Vraiment Pas Chang - Dana Gillespie
15. Don't You Feel Proud - Barry St. John
16. The Spark That Lights The Flame - Margo
17. Nuit D' T - Marianne Faithfull
18. Picking Up The Sunshine - Beverley
19. Backstreet Girl - Adrienne Poster
20. Mr Scrooge - The Orchids
21. Don't Blow Your Cool - The Caravelles
22. Promise Of Something New - Kathe Green
23. Love For Living - Clare Torry
24. The Adam Adamant Theme - Kathy Kirby
Label: ACE
Cat No: CDTOP1568
Barcode: 029667097826
Packaging: CD Regular

With our vinyl compilation "Girl Zone" in 1986, Ace Records became the first reissue company to plunder Decca Records' 1960s female catalogue. No-one really knew whether there was a demand, so it was something of a gamble. Happily, reaction was positive and the album sold well. Fast forward 30 years, and our similarly themed "Love Hit Me!" collection became one of our top-selling releases of 2016. Having established that there's still a demand, we now present "Don't Blow Your Cool!", our latest sumptuously packaged all-female Decca anthology.
Along with a hand-picked selection of proven fan favourites, with the more avid of collectors in mind, the compilation includes ultra-rare French language versions of 'Summer Nights' by Marianne Faithfull and 'You Just Gotta Know My Mind' by Dana Gillespie, plus other new-to-CD tracks by visiting American Joy Marshall, folk-rocker Beverley, Marvettes lead singer Margo, much-loved girl group the Orchids and, with her 'Goldfinger'-style theme from cult favourite TV series Adam Adamant Lives, lip-gloss queen Kathy Kirby.
Compilation and notes by girl-pop buffs Mick Patrick and Ian Chapman (just like back in 1986).