CD released: Feb 22, 2019

1. Hot Spot - The Bronzettes
2. This Heart Is Haunted - Kelly Garrett
3. And That Reminds Me Of You - Janie Grant
4. Big House - The Carolines Featuring Carell Mancuso
5. I Will Love You Dear Forever - The Teardrops
6. I'm So Young - Naomi Wilson
7. Just A Little Touch Of Your Love - Saundra Franklin
8. It's The Loving Season - The Vareeations
9. He's My Hero - The Avons
10. Top Twenty - The Delicates
11. Everybody South Street - The Taffys
12. That Guy Of Mine - The Sherrys
13. Late In The Evening - The Fran-cettes
14. Two Stupid Feet - The Shirelles
15. That's How It Goes - Jackie & Gayle
16. I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance - The Satisfactions
17. If I Fell - Reparata & The Delrons
18. Summertime Is Near - Maureen Gray
19. That Kind Of Love - Diana King
20. I Would If I Could - The Sweet Three
21. Happiest Girl In The World - The Tiffanys
22. (your Love Was Just A) False Alarm - Tari Stevens
23. My Guy - The Percells
24. Sir Galahad - The Elites
25. (i'm Afraid) You'll Hurt Me - The Darlenes
26. Nothing Can Go Wrong - The Bea's
27. Johnny's Got Somethin' - Donna Loren
Cat No: CDCHD1511
Barcode: 0029667085021
Packaging: CD Regular

Spanning the years 1962 to 1968, this is the
tenth and final volume in our long-running
compilation series of girl group treasures from
the USA. The tracks were recorded in
Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville
and Cincinnati. Many are making their first
appearance on CD, including ‘Top Twenty’ by
the Delicates, previously unissued in any
? Highlights include ‘Hot Spot’ by Philly girl
group the Bronzettes, a dancefloor-friendly
gem produced by Chubby Checker; ‘Nothing
Can Go Wrong’ by Los Angeles’ the Bea’s, a
jangly nugget that sounds like the Bangles
many years ahead of their time; and ‘Big
House’, a Spector-style opus by the Carolines
of New York.
? The collection comes with a picture-packed 24-
page booklet featuring in-depth notes by Ace’s
in-house girl group buff Mick Patrick. Although
this is the final volume in the series, you can
be certain Ace will continue releasing girl
group compilations in some shape or form for
more years to come, for wherever Mick is,
needless to say, that’s where the girls are, too.