3LP released: Nov 30, 2018

Side A
1. Tilt - Creation
2. Blood Wine Or Honey - Brilliant Pebble
3. Major Force Productions - Watashi Wa Hikari
4. Mx-744 - Into The Cosmos
Side B
1. Jacknife Lee - Overview
2. Timothy Fife & Deadly Avenger - Anemone Mine
3. Ancient Lights Featuring Flowdan - Crash Landing
4. Kensuke Shiina - Orbiting Satellites
5. Knowone - Airy's
Side C
1. Ninna Lundberg - Way Out
2. Milo Clare - 20000
3. Dobie - Ripley's Theme
4. Chari Chari - Backward Compatibility
5. Nick Faber - Dancing At The End Of The Universe
Side D
1. Rui Da Silva - Interstellar Voyager 3
2. Luke Haines - Deep Space Junk
3. Romin - Riders To The Stars
4. Tojin Kit - Machina
Side E
1. Sie - Music For Space Stations
2. Pye Corner Audio - Deep Space Probe
3. Skylab - Hostile Planet Escape Sequence
4. Fpm - Accept You All
Side F
1. Howie B Featuring Norman Reedus - A Letter From Space
2. Borgar Magnason - Into The Wild
3. Sunny Levine - Moon Hung
4. Palm Skin Productions - Air Is The Prayer
5. Ofeliadorme - Hands
Barcode: 5053760043058
Packaging: 3LP Set

Pussyfoot is back with one stonking big compilation album. ‘Space is the Plaice’ is a 28-track aquatic space opera which fits neatly onto triple vinyl and a double CD. The album sees artists contributing worldwide: UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, and all over Europe. The album artwork by Dan MacMillan and Kieron Livingstone melds together psychedelic prog-rock with space electro-eccentrics themes which cover the 3LP with its tongue in cheek Douglas Adams inspired designs.

Includes tracks by the likes of Jacknife Lee, Timothy Fife & Deadly Avenger, Rui Da Silva, Luke Haines, Pye Corner Audio and many more.