2CD released: Nov 29, 2019

Disc 1 : Rain Wound
1. Rain Wound
2. The Seige
3. Gutspawn
4. Infinity Coda
5. Boiling In The Hourglass
6. Occurence On Mimas
Disc 2 : Project 1
1. Project 1
2. Project 2
3. Project 3
4. The Digger [live]
5. The Siege [live]
6. Rainwound [live]
7. Infinity Coda [live]
8. Fever Of Grief
9. Imp
10. Jouse Of The Souls
11. Rainwound
1992-1994 DISCOGRAPHY (2 CD)
Cat No: DDR055CD
Barcode: 0616822112526
Packaging: 2CD Pack

Born in the Midwest United States in 1987, Doom's Lyre remained relatively quiet, recording no material before changing their name. In 1991, Doom's Lyre, now renamed Timeghoul, set out by releasing two demos: 1992's Tumultuous Travelings and 1994's Panaramic Twilight.

Largely ignored and mostly forgotten, these recordings did not receive the recognition they deserved until years later. Timeghoul's eclectic and complex style of US death metal started to gain momentum within the underground as overlooked and classic material.