2LP released: Mar 29, 2019
(Item no longer available)

1. 1.Night 1
2. 2.Night 2
3. 3.Night 3
4. 4.Night 4
5. 5.Night 5
6. 6.Night 6
7. 7.Night 7
8. 8.Night 8
9. 9.Night 9
10. 10.Night 10
11. 11.Night 11
12. 12.Night 12
13. 13.Night 13
14. 14.Night 14
15. 15.Night 15
16. 16.Night 16
17. 17.Night 17
18. 18.Night 18
19. 19.Night 19
20. 20.Night 20
21. 21.Night 21
22. 22.Night 22
23. 23.Night 23
24. 24.Night 24
25. 25.Night 25
26. 26.Night 26 (Feat. Matt Mcwaters) (Bonus Track)
27. 27.Night 27 (Feat. Matt Mcwaters) (Bonus Track)
Cat No: JAKARTA145
Barcode: 0673790034427
Packaging: 2LP

Ta-ku might be the modern day renaissance man.
Haven risen to prominence as one of Australia's most
in-demand beatmakers, the Perth-based artist has
found himself curator of a rapidly expanding,
multi-disciplinary creative empire.
Borne from a late-night sideline to his day job shilling
health insurance, Ta-ku's music has quickly become
a global, full-time concern. From early days
uploading chopped hip-hop cuts to Soundcloud, the
"genre-killer"'s prodigious credits now include
ambitious projects like 50 Days For Dilla, high-profile
remixes for Flume, Chet Faker, BANKS, Childish
Gambino and Justin Timberlake, as well as a clutch
of co-writes, production efforts and countless
Teaming up with Jakarta Records on the 823 joint
label venture, Ta-ku is sharing his now classic '25
Nights For Nujabes' project as a digital/vinyl release
alongside two completely new Bonus Tracks - both
featuring Toronto based producer Matt McWaters.
Drawing inspiration from the likes of D'Angelo, James
Blake and J Dilla, Matt McWaters fuses modern
electronic production with soul and indie undertones.
A love for smooth basslines, soulful keys and catchy
melodies allows him to carry out his vision with every
25 Nights For Nujabes. A beat a night for 25 nights in
dedication to Seba Jun. His music was so full of
emotion and beauty. Rest in peace. - Ta-ku