2LP released: Dec 06, 2019

Side A
1. Translucent Alive
2. Truck Robbery
3. Butcher
4. Starlight
5. On The Trail
6. Homelander And Stillwell
7. Race Of The Century
8. Boys Arrive
9. Hughie Stalls Starlight
10. Maeve Spars
11. Start The Race
12. Popclaw Climaxes
13. Hijacking
14. Kidnapping Translucent
Side B
1. Ass Bomb
2. Translucent Explodes
3. Hughie Trashes Room
4. Translucent Visits Hughie
5. Planting Bug Plan
6. Dock Patrol
7. I'm The Hero
8. Vought
9. Starlight Teams Up
10. Frenchie's First Kill
11. Homelander's Speech
Side C
1. Butcher's Pep Talk
2. Rescue The Female
3. Frenchie Lost Female
4. Dead Shooter
5. Hospital Shootout
6. Graveside Sledgehammer
7. Maeve's Girlfriend
8. Nicu
9. Tent Confrontation
10. Starlight's Speech
11. Come In
12. Black Knight Not
13. Kimiko's Backstory
Side D
1. Subway Chase
2. Mesmer And Homelander
3. The Mesmerizer
4. Butcher Tells Hughie
5. Hughie Kisses Starlight
6. Robin's Memory
7. Sweet Boy Sex
8. Always A Choice
9. Supe Terrorist
10. A Train Shows Up
11. Shoot Out
12. I Got Teddy
Label: MONDO
Cat No: MOND186
Barcode: 843563122419
Packaging: 2LP Double Gatefold Sleeve

Mondo, and Madison Gate records are proud to present Christopher Lennertz score to the Amazon Original Series: THE BOYS.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, THE BOYS tackles our modern obsession with superheroes in media with a biting satire of modern politics and the abuse of power from a fictional League of heroes who may need to be taken down a peg. Christopher Lennertz (Agent Carter, Lost In Space) has composed a blistering, propulsive score for the darkly comedic series that adeptly parodies the musical landscape of propaganda, all while being a terrific soundtrack to the ensuing action drama that unfolds when the "Supes" collide with the titular anti-heroes tasked with being their checks and balances.

Composed by Christopher Lennertz

Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with artwork byJack Hughes